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About Red Robin Bakery

Believe it or not - Red Robins actually have quite the sweet tooth, being known to steal fruit cake and uncooked sweetened pastries! Some cheeky birds these. That's why we love them!

For us, the Red Robin Bakery is a labour of love. We all have the sweet tooth and we do steal each other’s cakes, but more than anything else, we are a bunch of chefs from all over the world bringing our cake perfections to you. You will see us in a mood to celebrate pretty much all the time!

We bake and hand decorate our cakes in our London, Romford Bakery. Head Chef Ash is passionate about experimenting, innovating and trying out new variations, and making sure the most creative chefs from around the world work for him. We believe in a diverse community of chefs from different cultures, so you will see a great gender balance and a welcome to any chef of any orientation. We want our chefs and bakers smiling from ear to ear – that means they make yummy stuff, and that means you would love us. And love us again.

Do you have any good recipe ideas? Shoot them our way using the Contact Us link – and you’ll be surprised we will give them a try! And make you famous by putting you on our website too.